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Where is my hoverboard?!

Seriously though guys, thank you all so much for sticking by my side all these years. And a Happy and prosperous New Years to all of you. I love you guys.

Plans for 2015:
In the nearest future, this weekend to be exact, I plan to work my ass off on commissions. I would have during winter break but I was away in New Mexico visiting family.

Also going to try to finish a certain something for a certain someone in time for their birthday.

I'm also going to try to keep my house cleaner this year. Over the break I went to this lady's house that my mom was helping cat sit for and the situation was nothing like I'd ever seen before. She had four cats, five if you count the one that looked like a walking corpse. None of these cats were happy or healthy. I cried. It was horrible. Nothing was clean. There were piles of stuff EVERYWHERE. I never want to be even an iota near that in my life. So I want to resolve to keep up with my clutter.

I have been planning this for a while, it has nothing to do with New Years resolutions, it just unfortunately falls near that time. This has nothing to do with weight loss or beauty or any of the self hate/pressuring reasons why people go. But I will be starting to go to a gym. I wanna get strong again. I want my body to be strong as it once was. And then I'd like to get stronger. I especially want to focus on my arms, they've been through a lot what with tendonitis so I'll probably have to start gently but I think strengthening my arms will help me over come that.

There are some other things too but if I list everything, this could be a very long journal.

Looking back at 2014:
Around February last year, I had a terrifying experience. Some of you may recall the journal I made addressing the situation entitled February 2014 detailing the horror I went through with the stalker landlady and how I got out. I still have some nightmares every now and then about that time in my life. But it is gone. And it is done. And it was good because we finally got out.

In June I wrote a journal titled What Really Matters about how I had lost my storage unit filled with childhood memories and important personal things. I suffered nightmares and constant panic attacks for a while but those have calmed as life has moved on, as it tends to do. It still hurts to think about sometimes.

In July I got tendonitis that still plagues me to this day, though not as bad as it was in the summer, my arms are healing up.

On the night of September 15th, 2014, a dear friend was involved in an accident that would take her life, forever changing my life as well as my friends. I still think about her and I miss her so much. RIP Jane Nahlith

On December 4th, 2014, I got engaged to my boyfriend of eight years. I discovered, hilariously enough, that our original anniversary (when we started dating) is on my dad's birthday. HAHAHAHAHA... hahaha... haha... ha...
Seriously though, I'm very very happy. And mah ring is super pretty. As for the wedding. No date set yet but I have an idea of how I want it to be, which is small, just friends and family and fun. Other people in the family wanna big ol' thing. I.... aye aye aye aye.... I'm not even good at being the center of attention for being simply engaged, how am I going to handle being a bride at my own wedding. Perhaps I should get a dress that blends into the wallpaper. No one will find me.

During the holiday season, as I said before, I was in New Mexico visiting family. BOY was that hectic and stressful. So stressful that I now am dealing with several stress related injuries and health issues... yay... But it was fun too. It was very nice being around family and omg... the FOOD. NOTHING BEATS THAT FOOD.

I also got to spend time with friends I hadn't seen in years. Two of them being yamilink and mugaru. I also got to see my other best friend from high school. It was so good to be with them. It's like nothing has changed even though everything has changed. I missed them so much. It's been lonely for me for so long since I moved and I'm finally getting to reach out socially here but I am still lonely a lot. I miss having my greatest friends at my side. And even though I didn't get to spend a long time with them, it was good to see them again (okay I need to change topic cus I'm crying now).

As for New Years, being the big giant weenie I am, I promptly fell asleep at 7pm. I woke up at 12:02am, very weakly wished the world and my S.O. a happy new year (I think I kissed him but not sure) before I fell right back asleep.

Overall... 2014 was a year about loss and gain. I've lost so much. I've lost things and people that will never be replaced. We've lost so much. But I didn't lose. I've gained so much too. And as my life continues in the wonderful new home I live in with my beloved pets, my S.O., and my wacky roommate, I think things for me personally, will continue to move forward in a direction that will hopefully take me where I want to go: back to school, marriage, owning a house, more art, and parenthood.

Good bye 2014, you were a year of change be it for better or worse.

Hello 2015, I'm so excited to see where you take us.

Good luck everyone, I hope you've had a Happy New Year. I look forward to spending 2015 with you all.

Much love,
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